Iceman 5k

It's Time To Put Some Fun Into Your Winter!

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The ICEMAN™ event has been canceled for 2017 due to low registration numbers.  Click this link If you registered and did not get the refund/ transfer email

The ICEMAN™ Run is a super fun winter themed 5k adventure obstacle race where participants will run, walk, climb, and crawl through the one and only truly challenging winter themed obstacle race course in the country.

Racers will encounter 15 challenging man-made obstacles as well as all of the naturally occurring obstacles that we have found on the course. We use every square inch of all of our courses and find every hill, gorge, hole, and natural obstacle to put in your path on your way through the man made obstacles and to the finish line.

Once at the finish line, if you can still hold your arms up, join everyone inside for a warm beverage, some good food, and awards, while you exchange war stories with your fellow Icemen!

No Iceman goes home without some great memories, and we promise that you will be as soggy, sore, and tired as humanly possible! Plus, you’ll have bragging rights and some really awesome race swag!






The Iceman 5K will take place at the Granite City Speedway in Sauk Rapids, MN.
The Granite City Speedway is located approximatley 1 hour north of the Twin Cities just minutes from HWY10.

The Iceman Minnesota 5k extreme obstacle adventure course will consist of 15 man-made obstacles that will test your strength, endurance and mental fortitude. We have also made sure to use every square inch of this race course and found every hill, gorge, hole, and natural obstacle to put in your path on your way to each man made obstacle. Created by the same course design team that brings you the Mudman races, you are assured to be pushed to your breaking point and beyond both physically and mentally. Here we will offer you a glimpse of what awaits you as you attempt the challenge that is ICEMAN!!

  1. WARM UP – A nice jog to get the heard spread out
  2. FIELD OF DREAMS – About a dozen piles of snow piled as high as a bobcat will pile it to climb over.
  5. TREE LINE TREACHERY – Run through the woods
  6. MOGUL MADNESS – Navigate snowy moguls
  7. RACING SLICKS – Large pile of tires to climb
  8. THE BRICK YARD – Carry a brick
  9. TRENCHES – Push your brick as you crawl
  10. HIT THE WALL – Climb over the race track wall and take an obstacle filled lap.
  11. MARSH MAZE – Make your way through a frozen cat tail maze
  12. LARRYS LADDER – Climb over a 12′ high giant ladder
  13. THE 3 SISTERS – 3 8′ high walls with ropes to help you over
  14. MT NEVER-REST – 12′ high cargo net climb
  15. HOT BUNZ – Jump over 3 blazing fires
  16. WARM WEB BLANKET –  climb under a cargo web laying flat on the ground.




Individual (13 & Older)

$55.00 October-November

$60.00 December-January

$65 Race Day

Parent-Child Team (1 adult and 10-13yr old)

$90.00 October-November

$100.00 December-January

$110 Race Day

Schedule and Location

  • January 28 08:00 AM EST – REGISTRATION / CHECK IN
  • January 28 09:00 AM EST – FIRST 5K RUN HEAT BEGINS
  • Awards for each heat will be approximately 1 hour after the start  of  the heat.
  • Fat Tire Bike Race begins at 1:00 pm

Heats of 100 runners will start every 30 minutes starting at 9:00am.  Total number of heats varies year to year, so please check the website and FB page for final race day schedules.



The Iceman 5K will take place at the Granite City Speedway in Sauk Rapids, MN
The Granite City Speedway is located approximately 1 hour north of the Twin Cities just minutes from HWY 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds and/or transfers?

Unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds or offer entry transfers under any circumstances. If you can’t make it and you would like someone to pick up your race bag and t-shirt on race day, please do.  Due to the extra expense, we are not able to ship bags or shirts.  Finisher medals will only be given to Icemen and Icewomen who cross the finish line.

Be sure to bring an I.D.

You will need a photo I.D. to get your race bag and timing chip.  You will also need an I.D. if you plan to have a beer or two before or after the race, so make sure you don’t leave it at home or in your car.  You will be able to check it into the secure Key Drop tent during the race if you need to.

Can I skip an obstacle?

Yes, you can.  However, not every obstacle needs to be skipped.  Only the obstacles that are extremely physically challenging can be skipped.  If you just don’t like ice or cold, too bad!  You signed up for Iceman!  Those that can be skipped may have a military recruit making you do a little extra work to get by it.  Remember, there are no free rides in life, and there isn’t any at Iceman either.  Come ready to be challenged!

When Will I Race?

When you registered you chose a PREFERRED wave time which is most likely the wave you will race in.  You will get an email a few days before the race that will tell you which wave you will actually race in Remember! We will attempt to honor your preferred heat time, but changes may be made due to the number of athletes registered and other variables.

Can I race and volunteer?

Yes, if you are already registered to race but would like to also stick around and volunteer, you can!  Our volunteer and registration coordinator will work it out so that you can do both.  We could always use more volunteers out on the course, and it is the most fun volunteering opportunity you could possibly find.  If you have an athletic group or other organization that would like to volunteer as a fundraiser, please see our volunteer page.

Will there be race day registration?

Yes!  If you or someone you know didn’t preregister it’s not too late.  YOU MAY NOT GET A RACE SHIRT!  If you would like to stick around until after the last wave starts we may have extras available.  If that is irritating to you, preregister next year!  If you plan to register on race day bring your wallet, your legal guardian if you are under 18, and a change of clothes.  Anyone under 18 will not be allowed to race without signed permission from their legal guardian.  We will put you in the next available heat or with the group of friends that you came with.

Is there going to be food available?

Yes.  There will be all sorts of outdoor cookout type food and will have your favorite cold beverage to enjoy as you soak up the experience.

When Should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive and check in at least 1 hour before your heat is scheduled to start.  Please leave plenty of time to park and pick up your shirt and packet.

What do I do with my Stuff when I am racing?

We will have a complimentary key/bag drop tent available for you to check in your keys, small items, and backpacks.

Parking and Directions?

On site parking will be $10.00 per car.  Please bring cash!  Unlike some races, there will be plenty of parking right at the race site, so no need for shuttles. .

How will I warm up after the race?

Don’t worry, there is a large heated indoor area at the raceway where everyone will be before and after they race. We will have great warming and changing areas so you can warm up, change clothes if you wish, and feel a little more comfortable while you hang out, enjoy the party, and exchange war stories with your fellow Iceman.

What If I get hurt?

No worries.  Hopefully you will make it through the course safely, but if you need help we will have medical staff there to take great care of you.


There is no fee if you want to come and watch other than for parking.  Spectators will be able to get to most of the obstacles to watch so long as they don’t interfere with the participants.

Countdown To Race Day